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Managing Director

Mr. Abhishek Patel

Managing Director

To put things in perspective, Rishi Techtex is over a three-decade-old company currently undergoing rejuvenation!

As a first strategy, we are building a product portfolio that is tailored to our client requirements. Our R&D team works closely with customers to develop applications that are customized to their needs.

As a second strategy, we are focusing on geographic presence. Our ability to maintain partnerships with people around the world allows us to fulfill a customer's needs wherever they may be.

As a third strategy,we have identified 5 key technical textile verticals that we want to focus on in the near future. Today, our major revenue comes from agro-tech and we want to be seen as a knowledge leader in this sector.

People, Passion & Purpose

Our journey has just begun and without people who work passionately for a purpose, nothing can be achieved. As an organization, we believe, our people will be the key differentiators in driving an intellectual edge for the organization. We want to serve our customers, stakeholders and the society at large with a sense of purpose. Our products and solutions should help solve tomorrow’s problems in a better and quicker manner.

As I end my note, I wish to thank each and every one of you for your support, trust and faith in building this organization through the years. As we start another exciting journey in a world that is getting more disruptive day by day, I assure you of creating an organization that is nimble yet sure-footed to take on tomorrow’s challenges. In turn, we will deliver profitable growth in a consistent and responsible manner.

Best Wishes

“At Rishi Techtex, we envisage a world where we are prepared to propel the business with a science-driven professional culture and R&D philosophy.”

- Managing Director

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