Agriculture/Horticulture Field

Vegetative & Productive phase of all crops have specific requirement of light & temperature to function & produce optimally. KrishiNet Shade Net is designed for use in agriculture and horticulture to control growing conditions, manipulate growth patterns and protect crops from excesses of sun, wind and hail by regulating quality & quantity of light required. The availability and distribution of usable Phtosynthetically Active Radiation is achieved by use of certain colours of KrishiNet. All this greatly improves crop yields both in quality and quantity and earlier cost effective harvesting. Shading has also been useful for the early production of vegetable Seedlings from August to September and for extending the season of some vegetables in the open field.

Nursery: KrishiNet is useful not only for reducing heat injury to young plants, but their use also reduces transpiration.

Wind Breakers

A windbreak is used to modify climatic conditions, in order to create an improvement in growing conditions.KrishiNet - Effective protection against wind damage Helps in protecting crops from damage caused by strong & severe wind and improve plant health, quality and yield. Crop protected from wind are able to retain significantly more moisture.

Windbreak also act as a defense against frost, low temperatures and hail. KrishiNet windbreaks will benefit field crops, vegetables, flowering plants and fruit-trees. They also protect crops against the winds blown from the sea that are harmful because of the high content of salt.

KrishiNet protecting young plants in an orchard and help them reach full growth more quickly. KrishiNet windbreaks also help reduce topsoil erosion and are UV stabilized for extended outdoor life. These nets are essential to the process of germination from flower bud to fruit and to prevent windfall.

Cattle Shed/Poultry Shed

KrishiNet not only protected the animal from the low temperature during the wintertime but also during the hot summer months. It helps protects animals from High Infra Red rays and hot. In Poultry House Ventilation will be done by two sets of adjustable side windows, covered with KrishiNet fabric.

Drying of Grapes

Shade for drying grapes to make raisins.


To protect worms from sun & for better air circulation/ventilation.

Car parking

Protection against sun by providing shade. Also protection against dust & give a pleasant aesthetic effect. More economical than with other types of covering.

Scaffolding Net

KrishiNet help improve the safety of construction site. Scaffolding Wrap installs easily on most scaffolding structures. It acts as a tri-fold barrier on a building under construction. First, it reduces debris from falling out of building. Second, the material acts as a windbreak keeping the building warmer during winter construction months. The fabric also hides away unsightly work areas giving the site a tidier look.

Fencing for Privacy

KrishiNet use as privacy fabric attaches directly to fence and blocks unwanted vision, protect valuable items, enhance appearances and cover up nasty areas. Also use to cover up harmful equipment or expensive tools.

Swimming Pool Covers

Covering the Pool is best way to keep leaves, reduce algae growth, debris and small animals out of pool makes pool maintenance much easier.

Deck & Patio covers

Keeps away from burning heat while still allowing the puff of air through.

Interior Decoration

Special two color shade nets have been developed for various applications such as

  • • Laundry Bags for hotels/homes.
  • Curtains for windows for home/Office etc.
  • Partition for Home/offices/playground.
  • Balcony covers/Terrace garden nets for home gardening.

Pallet wrapping

KrishiNet provides a grip to the top of the palletized goods and holds the load together even under the most difficult shipping conditions, making different from other netting. Pallet wrap protect food shipments while offering superior ventilation and condensation characteristics. With lower pallet temperatures and less condensation, food shipments stay fresh longer.

Fruit collection

Spread the net on the ground or suspended under the trees during mechanical shaking operations, the collections of fruits will be easy.

Bird Net

This netting is the best passive protection for seeds, seedlings and fruit against birds. It is special mesh repels birds without trapping them. The hole sizes are optimized to keep birds out but still allow bees to pass through. It does not prevent light from reaching the plants below and so flourish. Bird netting allows free movement of air means that dangerous fungus does not develop on the fruit.

Shade Sail

Our Shade sail fabric is a High Density Polyethylene knitted design offering up to 90% UV protection. Shade sail fabric offer incredible usefulness and are suitable to most applications where visual appearance is essential. Ideal for outdoor entertaining areas and can be floated over entryways, patios, vehicle parking, restaurant, playground, cover an swimming pool, shade a building or a garden area. By using Shade sail we can transform a plain simple area into something modern and dynamic. They can be attached to existing structures.